Frequently Asked Questions

What is your refund policy?

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. That’s why we provide one sample in each Unit/Chapter for you to decide the type of content we have kept for a subscription. No refund once the payment is executed by the user as per the policy of the company (EduCatalyst).

Is this website and my credit card information secure?

Yes, for the following reasons:

The security of information starts with collecting as little as possible. We typically collect only your email, password, ZIP code, and you may customize your username. Sometimes we collect your school name.

We do not receive or store your credit card information, but rather a token provided by our payment processor Stripe.IGCSE Mathematics Answers is accessible only over an encrypted https connection

Can you also see examination style Questions?

It would be enormously time-consuming to also answer all the “Examination Style Questions” so I’m limiting coverage only to the regular “Problems”, of which there are still more than 9500. If you need help with a “Textbook general problems”, my suggestion would be to try and find a regular “Problem” that is similar to the “General Problem”, and see if you can apply the same problem-solving technique.

How do I see the answers to IGCSE Mathematics?

IGCSE Mathematics answers are provided in PDF format embedded inside that can be used in computer laptops or mobile for personal use after subscription.

Is the question also useful for other students?

Yes, after using these answers will help you to crack IGCSE Extended Mathematics (0580) papers at a much faster rate compared to that by just solving the past papers.

Error in PDF? (I always wish I had NONE!)

If you’re pointing out an error in a PDF solution, I always respond and thank you by rewarding you extra access time of the subscription.

Is Downloading PDF-Answers Allowed?

Not Allowed, PDF answers are just to be used ONLINE on phone or computer. Downloading files is disabled by the admin to discourage the uploading by the user to various website illegally.

Are all the PDF copy (TYPED) in digital format?

Most of the pdf are digitally formatted to look extremely good. Our resources are now getting updated into digital mode slowly.